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Trading Setup

IRL Intraday Rejections Levels

  • 3 supports, 3 resistances, 1 equilibrium price. 6 liquidity levels.
  • Advanced external liquidity (False break of the overnight session)
  • Optimized killzone for each level
  • Level reinforcement through market structure analysis
  • Fixed intraday levels: a healthy scalping environment
  • Optimal breakdown zone (min value SL)
  • Intuitive confluence between
  • overextension and false high/low break


MAP Liquidity map

  • Liquidity levels: for trading the false break of the daily, weekly, monthly highs
  • Temporal fractals
  • Confluence of false breaks across multiple time frames
  • Only displays valid zones (unmitigated)
  • Weekly/monthly reference points in small time frames (M1)


RS Reversal Score

  • The most powerful divergence indicator in the Tradingview library!
  • Additional features: accumulation/distribution signals, dynamic
    overbought/oversold zone
  • Shows the weakening of the current trend
  • Quantifies the quality of a divergence
  • Multi-source: Fisher transform, Money Flow, MACD
  • Real-time signals during economic announcements
  • Works in all time frames (ideal < m5)
  •  Cloud: Fibonacci overextension of VWAP bounds with intersections over
    multiple reference periods
  • Barcolor: comparison of stochastic acceleration between price and technical indicator


T:SAR Triangulation: Statically Approved Reversal

  • Rare signals indicating real-time formation of the day’s top/bottom
  • Uses data from Tradingview’s historical data to form a database
  • Automatically adapts to the studied pair
  • Advanced algorithm (looks for intersections between closure direction
    probabilities of multiple superimposed cycles and repetitions of fractal daily and weekly high/low formation cycles)
  • Simple signals: no configuration required!
  • Choose between feeding the indicator with a large amount of data (10
    months) or the most recent data (last few weeks)!


AC Agressive Confirmation

  • Aggressive trend reversal signals
  • Multiple sources: price action patterns, Heiken Ashi, volume, RSI
  • No moving averages (too slow)
  • The more confirmations, the stronger the signal (bright color)
  • Option to filter signals by quality degree, relative/precise entry
  • Interactive mode: choose when/where you want signals to clean up your chart
  • Integrated and optimized trailing stop for intraday rejection


TRAINING (FREE 🎁) Challenge Training (journal)

  • Trading journal optimized for backtesting (funded objective: prop firm
  • Quickly filled: record the number of stop losses (loss), the number of wins
    (gain), and the number of trades for each backtested day
  • Equity curve displayed on the chart
  • Assigns a category to each traded day: identify your strengths, weaknesses,
    and optimize your winning process
  • Integrated and customizable prop firm objectives/rules
  • Monthly withdrawal estimation


EQ (FREE 🎁) Eqwhale

  • Automatically traces equal highs/lows
  • Never lose sight of dynamic liquidity!
  • Fully customizable: precision percentage of equals, number of touches
  • Option to hide previous EQs


GRID (FREE 🎁) Custom grid

  • The Tradingview horizontal grid, but better.
  • Never lose sight of round levels!
  • Double grids: intermediate levels (small lines), strong levels (thick lines)
  • Predefined gaps or adapted to each instrument you trade


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